The Pie

Ed and I arrived at our favorite squirrel hunting spot, on top of this hill at the forks in the road. That’s the best description I’m going to give because the hunting is so good there and it’s our top secret place. We both separated to go to our spots to get ready, because in about fifteen minutes the sky will begin to lighten and the squirrels will start moving to feed. Sit and wait is the best way to hunt at first light and then later in the morning I like to still hunt moving slowly through the woods looking and listening for squirrels. Later we met up again to head back to a friend’s cabin down in a hollow to see what his wife fixed for lunch. Walking into the cabin, Virgil, the husband, said, “How did you boys do?” Ed said, “I got three and Gene got two. ” Ed replied, “Well my wife made a pie for you boys to have a piece.” Now Virgil’s wife cooks on a wood stove, and it’s a good size kitchen but they don’t have a screen door to keep things out. So Ed looks in the kitchen from the doorway and on seeing  the pie, blurts out, “Gene, she has made us a raisin pie.” On that note we all moved into the kitchen. Much to our dismay, as his wife picked her knife, the pie was not a raisin pie, but a custard pie covered with what looked like hundreds of flies. She takes that big old knife and takes a swipe across the top, clearing a section of the pie. “How big a piece you boys want?”  she asked, and we said in unison, “Just a small piece will be okay.” Years later I still remember the pie, but can not remember what it’s taste was like. This is a true story I like to tell especially after supper when we are going to have dessert. Usually it will turn at least one person from eating dessert, in which yours truly gets an extra piece. Piece of pie anyone? Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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