Ezekiel 22: 30 Are You the One ?

At the age of thirty, on a July Sunday morning in a Methodist church, I gave my all to Jesus Christ. I had no idea what the days or years would have for me, but thanks to God He always has a plan that is bigger than we are. My wife and I started going to the Charismatic  church meetings, and it was a good start in the right direction. In my hunger for more, I would watch on TV all the famous preachers, and as a little child, when they began to pray, I would pray the same prayer along with them. So excited about what God was doing, I began to watch for every open door to pray with people. At that time I was working as a postal carrier in a fairly small town, not big but not real small either. One day walking on my route an older lady was crossing the road right where I was, and it seemed like she was having a hard time walking. I spoke to her saying, “Are you OK?” and she began to tell me about her aches and pains, and I said, “My God can heal you of this.” She said, “Would you pray for me?” I said , “Yes I will, right here.” We were still in the middle of the street, and she wanted to go in her friends house. We went inside of her friend’s house and I began  to pray. After praying with her I told her, “You’re alright now, God is healing you.” I left that house and a few months later, her husband stopped me at his door and called for his wife. She came out and told me, before I got down the steps at the friend’s house, God had already touched her. That started a chain of events on that street, and almost every day, if it was possible, we met in one of her neighbor’s houses and would usually have five to six people to pray with. After a few years and trying to be faithful to my Lord, I was at home one evening, reading the twenty second chapter of Ezekiel. Arriving at the thirtieth verse,  where God searched throughout the earth, seeking for a man to stand in the gap, my heart felt at that moment as if it had been pierced. I said “Oh! God, help me to be that man.” Over the years I have tried to be that man. All to His glory, He has allowed me to see many miracles and healings, for which I am eternally thankful. I know I have probably failed Him many times, but I have never given up just trying to be the man He wants to stand in the gap. The journey in prayer gets lonesome at times, and it’s one of the reasons for writing this. Are you one of the people who will step forward and be the person of prayer for God? If He is speaking  to you right now, please answer His call. The need is great and the world again is in turmoil. I give Him praise and glory for all His mighty works, and the precious gift of grace. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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