Prayer, What?

I’ve been to a  lot of different places, that I watched and listened to people praying, trying to gleen as much as I could. Why? because I’m hungry to know more, to do more, to bring Him glory, and hopefully to cause others to grow hungry. After all my struggles and trials, I’ve come to only one answer of what prayer is, and that is relationship.

When I was a little boy, about six or may be eight, I don’t know rightly, because it was a long time ago. My dad began to take me hunting, and being young I always sat real close to my daddy to watch, listen, and learn from him as much as I could. When I was old enough to play little league ball, my dad was right there to watch me. On my thirteenth birthday, I advanced upward to play baseball in the colt league, and yes dad was right there, and he was my coach there. Dad knew what he was teaching about, because  he had been a good player in the fast pitch softball leagues, and I was able to watch him play. When he gave his life to Christ and began to preach, I was there with him in just about all the places he went to. What’s the point you ask? Nice of you to ask, because I learned,  that all those years we spent together, my dad was building a relationship with me and I with him. I’ve tried to build on that principle with my own children, and hope that I’ve done a fair job.

Everything we do in this life has to  be built around a relationship with Jesus, nothing less will satisfy the hungry,  longing of the heart. My relationship can only succeed if I take time to talk with Him, sit quietly and wait until He speaks. He wants to share and give us so much, that He to waits for us to come to Him. I try to find a special place to meet Him and be faithful to join Him there. The more our relationship grows, the more I love Him and long to hear His voice, yes it is a very quiet voice, so I must listen closely. Dad’s gone on to heaven, but I have a greater father, and like my dad He goes to all my meetings, with whomever and wherever, I know He is there to coach me and instruct me in the game of life. I hope you will take the time to build your relationship with Him, it’s a good place, and when you draw up real close to Him and hear His voice, my, my, my, you will never be the same again. The journey with Jesus Christ is worth it. Lets take that walk together shall we? It is thrills, romance, and adventures. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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