There Is Something About A Mountain

hawks nestMountains are very special in our lives. because they are so large, assuming that one is very small and young of age. My recollection of my first mountain was as a young boy, playing with my friends, a game of king of the mountain, and who could be the king the longest. As I got into my teen years, mountains took on a new look, knowing deer and other wild life were located in the valleys and on the ridges of our mountains. The fall colors bring out the true beauty and majesty of the mountains. Have you ever stood on a mountain top when the wind is blowing strongly through the tree tops? It sounds like like a locomotive going full blast, wow! what power! I just listen to it and stand in awe of God’s great wonders.

I enjoy the peace and quiet on the mountain top, taking a deep breath and letting it go out slowing, relaxing the mind and allowing the fresh air to bring clarity to the brain. Praying on the mountain is a plus, there are no distractions as I pray and just get still and listen, longing for a word, or guidance, into what or for whom to pray for. The time spent on the mountain is well spent, and we come to the sad part, knowing we have to come back down. Coming back down into the low land, it is time to renew the battle for people’s hearts, to be prepared to pray and minister to the needs of hurting people.

I remember an event that took place several years ago, as I was driving down this particular street, I was impressed to stop and visit a older lady on my mail route.

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