Preparation, Yesterday, Today and ?

Preparation started way back when I was a baby, when I needed to be changed, fed, burped, or whatever my need was. When I was older I could get out and play or venture into the woods close to my home, playing ,tracking or just getting brave enough to swing on a rope across a little gully in the woods. Every day was an adventure, playing or going to grade school, learning new things, and making new friends. Our home was on a slight slope and dad decided he wanted a garage under one part of it. Guess who got elected to dig it out? Right, my brother and I. I was about thirteen and my brother about eleven. Using only a mattock and shovel we dug out the whole basement, well enough for one car. Baseball, basketball, hunting, competitive shooting, all these things were and are still preparing my life for a greater cause. Marriage, a wife, babies, family, and church, these wonderful events began to change me even more for the better. Life began to take on a new meaning. I was thinking more about others and less of what I had considered important at one time. God was drawing me to Himself, and a life of prayer with Him. I know there are probably more people qualified to do His work, but I’m thankful I get to play a part in what He wants to accomplish. It may be a small part, but little is much when God is in it. So after all that has happen to me, I’ve come to believe from the very beginning God has directed every part and has had His hand on my life. Every day has been a preparation for the next day, and on and on it continues right to this day and even the things I am writing. I don’t know about tomorrow, but I do know that God holds my tomorrows. What are you preparing for? Is it for the good of others, or is it just for your gain? Give God a chance to orchestrate your life. I would not take a million dollars for what I have now. The investment in this journey has been worth it. Thank you all for every moment you have taken to read these feeble attempts at writing. I’ve given all these efforts just for you, hoping I’ve added something good to your lives. Be Blessed and Remain a BlessingImage

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