Winter’s first snow shower is due here tomorrow, and I hope many are making preparations for the days ahead. It is a season that some are looking forward to. The skiing is great in our state, or some of us would just rather ride a sled down the gentle slopes around here, and a brave few will challenge the thickness of the ice on the ponds by trying to ice skate. As for myself, I will go out and try to find snow or a few different ice forms to photograph. On the colder days, I’ll get out my blowgun and Styrofoam target, and with my target set up across the room, shoot my little darts into the bulls eye. What! You’ve never owned or tried a blowgun? Well, now is a good time to maybe give it a try. I know it may not be the thing for some, but give it a go. When buying a blowgun, they usually come with a lot of darts and a couple of mouthpieces, one for you and one for your wife, or a friend, and of course you can shoot by yourself. If this is the first time for you, you put the dart through the mouthpiece, pushing the plastic head through until it rests on the other side of the mouthpiece.This is important! Always take a breath away from the mouth piece, so there is no danger of sucking the dart back into your mouth. Now, take a deep breath and then  place your lips just firm enough so your air will not escape around the edges. Wait! We can’t shoot yet. There are basically two ways of aiming the blowgun. One is just looking at the bulls eye and shooting. This is called instinctive shooting. The other way is to look down the barrel and you will see another barrel. Place the bulls eye between both barrels and shoot. Both ways of shooting are equally good. This is a fun thing to do during the winter months. Also it helps keep your shooting skills sharp, so that when spring comes around you will be ready for the other shooting sports. Have fun shooting and enjoy your winter wherever you are. But above all things, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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