All through life I have been preparing for one thing or another, from walking to running, sports, shooting, or tracking. I am married to my wonderful wife of forty-five years, and she prepares three meals a day knowing that she and I will be hungry. She had prepared herself for the accounting field, but now uses her knowledge to keeping a detailed ledger for the paying of our bills. Everyday we prepare ourselves for our different jobs. I desire to be prepared through reading and praying to be ready for the day, because I know that my Lord walks with me and He prepares our meeting and interacting with people who are in need of love, prayer, or just to have someone listen to them. I drive out with food trays everyday to the elderly, who are not able to get out. Before taking out the food, I pray God’s blessing of healing and restoration of body, soul, and mind. All of us prepare everyday for all kinds of things, rain, job, vacations, and a multitude of things in our everyday lives. Jesus came to show us that the way to eternal life is through Himself. Now He tells us in John 14:2, “I go to prepare a place for you.” He is coming back for us. The question is, are we preparing ourselves for Him. It’s going to be a journey of a life time, and it’s only going to happen once. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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