Sights and Sounds

Today I was sitting quietly, or so I thought, but the Holy Spirit helped me to get quieter still as I sat on the edge of the forest. As always I was carrying my camera with me, to try and catch some type of action in the woods. There was just enough wind to cause a leaf now and then to move a little bit. Using the soft eyes technique that I wrote about in a previous blog, my eyes were picking up so much movement that it was distracting. At the prompting of the Holy Spirit to write this, bear with me as I attempt to be obedient  to Him. To try and capture the more important things in the forest we have to categorize the distracting things like a leaf moving off in the distance, or just any movement, and remember these items, where they are and what they are doing, moving, shining, or a limb scraping against another limb. The ears also pick up many loud and sometimes very small minute sounds in the trees and on the ground. Spending a lot of time in the forest can help us to recognize what those sounds are, maybe a chipmunk, bug, deer, a bird searching in the leaves or a squirrel moving in the leaves. When we begin to put these different sounds and movements in their proper place in our mind, we will begin to see sometimes the things that were previously hidden. Even if it is just one thing, it is exciting and surprising to see  what we so easily overlooked  in previous visits to the forest. The forest is alive with so much for us to see and enjoy that it takes on a whole different dimension. I have a lot of fun in the forest that God has given us to enjoy, and I hope all of you enjoy trips in the woods also. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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