A New Dawn

Every Saturday, in squirrel season, Dad and I would get up at three in the morning, pack our lunch for the day and head out to Roane County in W. V.. It would take about an hour and a  half to get there. So it gave us a little time to sit and talk together, it was always some of my best memories doing this with my dad. About forty minutes before daylight we would enter the woods,dad going to favorite spot and I to mine. I would climb up over a small ridge and go down some thirty yards and sit down and wait. This to me was the best part of the hunt, was the waiting for the dawn. There is nothing to compare to it, a separate world, where once again I would have the joy of listening and watching creation being formed once again. Before dawn came I could hear  a bug or maybe a small chipmunk making little noises, Then usually the first loud sound to hear was the crows cawing  as they flew over head, heralding the news that a new day was up on us. What joy divine in having God’s mercy upon me allowing me to participate in His great plan. I hope all of us can once again be like small children, excited about the Kingdom of God and tell the grand news that He is coming soon.  Be blessed and remain a blessingImage

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