The Essence of Prayer Part 2

The first part introduced us to conversation and everything I bring forth from the well of living water is just from the surface, and not from the deep. So being the novices that we are, let’s just take it one sip at a time, because all of us can only hold so much of this drink. I’m only writing from my own experiences, for no one has mastered or learned it all. Our conversation with our God has started us talking with Him, so let us practice His presence daily to build up our relationship with Him.This part of essence which also means  “perfume” is what we can experience once in a while as we attempt to follow and draw close to the Saviour, Jesus. Once we catch the scent or the sweet aroma of our Lord, He will begin to climb up taking us to new heights we’ve never been before. Some begin this trek up the mountain which is the high calling in Christ, but many will prefer to stay at the foot, not willing to take the stretching and testing. Some, in this day and age, will say “Let’s just fly to the top, it will be a lot faster,” but alas, it must start at the bottom, one step at a time. Each step in this upward life brings a new struggle, trial or a new lesson. We are pulled by the common to go back, and we are pulled by the divine to go on and upward. I want to keep going up, and allow each step to reveal more of who I really am in Christ Jesus, but most of all I want to see Him in all of His glory. Shall we go up higher? Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

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