The Essence of Prayer part 3

You may wonder why I am writing so much on the essence of prayer. There are a few reasons why. First and foremost is that God told me to write on prayer with the word essence in the title. Secondly, I must try to be obedient to my heavenly Father. Third, it is of the essence to try and reach as many people as possible. The word essence, as you can see, has many meanings, and so with this writing, it means of the utmost importance. Jesus Christ is waiting for us all to call on His name. He is waiting for us to respond to Him, because He has bound Himself to His people, and one condition He has laid down,is that He can only move as we pray to Him. Too many of us are trusting to luck, and others won’t call upon Him unless there is an emergency. There are some of you who follow this simple blog, and He is reaching out to us all to be His companion, His partner in prayer. It is of the utmost importance to pray, and through Christ alone will the answers to life’s problems be answered. The Lord is still looking for someone to stand in the gap between heaven and earth. Will you step up and say, ” Lord help me to be the one who will pray, thy kingdom come and thy will be done on earth even as it is in heaven.” Let us give our utmost, even as gave His all for us. Can we do less? Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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