The Essence of Prayer Part 4

Have you ever stood or laid down in the yard after dark, and just lie there and look at the moon? I believe every boy or girl has done this at one time or another. It’s fascinating to study the eyes, nose, and mouth, all made up by craters and dark shadows. It often gives us a sense of peace and quiet. The moon as we all know is easy on the eyes. There isn’t any glare, and it just exhibits a soft comforting glow. It is an object that gathers what light it has from the sun.

Now the sun in contrast is really hard to figure out. You can’t look at it very long in it’s blinding brilliance. We can’t see the craters, or the popping lava spewing into the air, or liquid fire running over the surface. Pulsating in brilliant heat, the power of it touching all the universe. I believe the sun, like the moon, was ordered in the heavens by God. It has it’s place in the heavens and stays on it’s course, obeying the voice of the creator. He made all things for His own pleasure. Who can describe the essence, which also means living entity. Can I name all the attributes? No , for I only know a few, Messiah, Lord, Rose of Sharon, the Bright and Morning Star, Lily of the Valley, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Healer, Redeemer. These are but a few, but the greatest of all is the precious name of Jesus, for He alone shall save His people from their sins. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image


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