Playing but not Competing

Looking back, I really enjoyed my childhood, from the rising of the sun until it’s going down. Each new day was greeted with a smile, joy and anticipation of a new day, a new game. All of us would meet on the school playground, someone would bring a football, another would bring a baseball, and all the boys brought their gloves, but most of all, the excitement of playing again together as though the game did not end yesterday, but was just continued into today. Memories and a trust of one another still carries on even today. Some have passed on, and some still living, but no one is forgotten. Even as I grew older, and still playing sports, especially baseball and basketball, I can say, I always played for the fun of it. In school sports I didn’t compete against anyone. I played with everyone. I was just happy to be a part of it all. Winning was supposed to be everything to about all the coaches and most players. I didn’t care who won or lost. To me the purpose was to go out and have fun. I never knew the time or place where I started getting competitive, but it did happen. We were playing a game one night at the Salvation Army gym when a player on the other team put up a jump shot from the side baseline and I went up and blocked the shot. I believed it was a clean block, but the ref, in all fairness to him,  saw it from a different angle and called a foul. I lost it. I must have gone blind with anger. I turned around and drove my fist into the cinder block wall and the hand went instantly numb; and so I walked off the court. Later I went down to the local hospital about midnight and a doctor took an x-ray and sure enough, I had broken the big bone on the side of the hand. In a few week  I was getting married, and the day before I got married, the cast was taken off,and in the ceremony, my beautiful bride had to fake putting the ring on my hand. I was ashamed of my self for getting so caught up in competing that I had quit playing for the fun of it. I decided right then that I would never play again if I could not play for fun. To this day I’ve never played again. I’m glad my anger never hurt anyone but me, and that is what anger does. When we let anger loose we are usually the one who suffers the pain physically and spiritually. I wasn’t serving God at the time, but when I did ask God into my life, I asked Him to take this anger out of my heart. It was not easy, but with the Lord helping me, I believe I’m getting the victory over it. If you are having these issues, anger or any other problem, take it to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to help you and I believe He will. Life will get sweeter and sweeter as time goes by. Love you all, and Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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