Peace In the Forest

I love writing about the forest woodlands that I’ve traveled. The wonder and beauty of nature and it’s creatures always holds me spellbound as I walk along. This is one aspect of the forest that can get us into trouble, and that  is not paying attention to where we are and where we are going. Three time that I remember, once as a small boy, and twice when I was between twelve and eighteen, I was turned around and a little confused in the woods. The thought did go through my mind that I may be in trouble. Even though I was in a place I wasn’t too sure of, I was never afraid. Maybe because I was too dumb, or just having too much fun, but I would like to think that I wasn’t scared because I was at home in the woods. Knowing this is reassuring, because where home is, there is peace. Today, as I have grown a little older, I still take the short walks in the forest, and the peace I experience there is greater than anywhere else. My walks and talks with the Lord in the woods can not be surpassed even by the greatest cathedrals the church has ever raised up. Church is where God is, and where God is, that is heaven to me. May you find your hidden place to be alone with God, and talk with Him, and know for a surety, you have found your refuge and have peace in the midst of it. You all are loved and blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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