He Loves Me

I remember little things about childhood that keep moving around in my spirit, telling me that I was loved. Small things, like, how my daddy would discipline us, having us lay down across the bed to spank us. Many times they would take us on picnics, and the moments dad would take to pass some baseball with us. Mom was usually cooking or busying herself around her house, her domain, happy, at peace and contented, being a mom and loving each one of us in her special way. Living next door to my grandma was nice. I could just walk up and see her anytime I wanted. She was my favorite, and I suspect I was hers, because once in a while when I would walk in her home, she would take me into the kitchen. She would open up the bottom of the oven where she kept the pans, and pull out a whole pie that she had saved for me. Spoiled? Nah, not one bit. We were and we still are a pretty close knit family, and the love that mom and dad instilled in us, even today, gives us the strength to overcome things that try to separate us. Dad was a preacher in his latter years, and going to church with him, hearing the preaching, and singing the hymns of old about the love of Jesus, still live in me today. The love of mom and dad, along with the song, ” Jesus Loves Me, yes I know, because the Bible tells me so” is my theme for life. We had the best lives any four kids could ask for, and I will cherish those memories until I see them again in heaven. May heaven come into each and every home of yours at this Christmas season. The King child that was born so long ago, may He be born anew in all of our hearts. Merry Christmas, to all and Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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