When I tracked my first deer, it was easy at first, because the track was fresh and on fairly soft ground. As I slowly followed the terrain would change from time to time and I got further behind. I learned quickly I had to adapt. So picking up a small, fairly straight branch, I laid it on the leading edge of the deer track and notched the stick where it met the edge of the next track, and my speed began to increase just a little bit. There is so much for all of us to learn. This little hint is one I wanted to pass on to you because it can help us from day to day, using the concept for each situation. I hope that I am always attempting to challenge all of you to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus said,”Follow me.” Now at first, following Him is easy because He knows this is our first time. As we follow Him sometimes we can keep up and other times we tend to lose the signs He leaves for us. One of the best tracking instruments is the Bible. As He leads us to different portions of scripture, we see that the word fits the situation we are in exactly. Other signs He may give us are through a song, a testimony, or even through a spoken prayer. Whichever way, always keep following. Try not to become distracted by things around you, maintain the pace you are following, and especially do not look to the left or the right, or you may be tempted by another path that may seem easier, or even meet a person on these other paths who may tell you that path you were on is going to be to hard, and this path will get you to the same place. Don’t be fooled by the way that seems to be easiest, lest you get so far behind you lose the way. In case you do lose the way, Jesus has made a provision. All you have do is shout out, “Jesus I’m lost, help me,” and He will be there. Follow Him and Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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