Two Squirrels

First time out after our hardest wintry blast, I was enjoying the trees around me. I came upon two red squirrels preparing their nest up toward the top of the oak tree. Watching the harmonious movement of the squirrels working together, as one would collect a mouthful of leaves and start up the tree, the other squirrel would be coming down. I marveled at their common goal coming together as a home or just a spot to sun themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if all husbands and wives could work together like this. Selecting a home site and then building it together. I know squirrels have their reasons for living high up, it could be they just like the high atmosphere, and they have a great view  to admire the heavens and God’s great forest they live in. It also is a safe vantage point away from most of their enemies. I believe it’s one reason Jesus tells us to follow Him, and as we follow, He allows us to see and  hear things we never dreamed about. I want, no, I need to follow Jesus up the mountain, not to look at a fiery burning bush, but to obtain the fire inside of my heart, and perhaps have a chance to hear His sweet gentle voice again. C’mon, let’s take this trip upward with Jesus, because once you are there, you will never be the same again. Just typing and thinking about it, I start getting all excited. Come, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image ImageBlessing.

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