Winter Blues

Sorry I’ve not been around. I’ve been trying to keep busy this winter. Going around the house, jumping up and down, beating my head against the walls, well not really, but I want to. It’s been the coldest weather our area has experienced in a long, long time. I’ve been to the woods a couple of times, and nothing is moving, everything¬† is hunkered down waiting out the winter. The snow is beautiful. My God can really paint super landscapes, and I give Him thanks for it all, but ” I’m still getting antsy.” I know He is still teaching patience, and I know the old saying, ” this to shall pass,” but I’m still antsy. The hills ,forest, the animals, birds, natures sounds, they all beckon me. My only hope is Christ. I wait for the sweet soft sound of His voice. His call and His purpose still draws me to Himself more than anything this world has to offer. I long for the church to be revived, for the stirring of the Holy Spirit upon the souls of all mankind. I know winter is winding down, all the signs point toward spring. In all the activities of this world, wars and rumors of more wars, confusion and fear, doubt and worries, eat at the heart of moms and dads everywhere. I pray the eyes of people will look and see that this world is winding down and is close to coming to an end. The word of my God is a sure foundation, we wait for His coming. His word says “hold on my child, joy comes in the morning.” Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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