No Hiding Place

I recall as a young boy, there were good times and not so good times. Looking back, the good times are just good memories, but the not so good, I find out are just as important, if not more so, because they are some of the best life lessons. A few times while playing, accidents happened, you know, like a neighbor’s window getting broke. Now these, mind you, were accidents. We never felt like facing our fathers because we knew what were going to get, and it wasn’t going to feel good. So usually I would run and hide hoping it would blow over and be forgotten. The anticipation of waiting for dad to get home from work would make a kid break out in a sweat and just be scared spitless. Well the time was at hand, because I could hear dad’s voice ring loud and clear across the neighborhood. Having the best hiding didn’t help, because the sound of his voice would penetrate through that place. So, as usual, I would go and say, ” I’m sorry” and take the punishment I deserved. Going through life doing all the things we want to do, we think there are no consequences, yet deep down in our hearts we know there are. We all are going to face God sooner or later, so why not now. We, like Adam and Eve, can’t run far enough or hide good enough to get away from His voice and He knows exactly where we are trying to hide. Bottom line – there is no hiding place. Call on His name. He has bountiful mercies. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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