Once Upon Toes

My mother-in-law went to heaven just over a year ago. A grand lady indeed, much good could be said about her, but I don’t have enough paper for the story of her life. She was one hundred and one and had a great life. One thing I noticed in her last few years, was that she had to have some therapy. Sometimes we forget how to stand up, basically on the balls and toes of our feet, and in doing so we tend to lose our balance. I suffered a back injury several years ago, and I have to turn fully sideways to get out of my car. I noticed when pushing up out of the car, I would sometimes go back on my heels, and my unbalanced position would cause me to totter backwards. I have to practice leaning forward putting all my weight on the front parts of my feet. I usually have very good balance and coordination, but I, like many others, have to work at not forming bad habits. I believe we were made to always move forward, and as the word of God says, “pressing toward the mark and the high callings in Christ Jesus.” If we stop and rest on our laurels and are leaning back, before we know it we are moving backwards and away from the things of God. We must have balance in this life to perform the the things God has for us to do. Purpose in life will help us stay upon the toes, pushing forward, and keeping our eyes looking to Jesus. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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