Winter is winding down, the day is cloudy, but the day promises to have a few moments of sunshine to warm my body as I enter the woods once again. My heart, and whole being rejoice, as I enter into my meeting place with God. It’s a wonderful dimension, that only He and I share together. In this dimension, I am surrounded by ,the quiet the silence, and with every fiber of my being I am alert to every sound, and yet the sound of my beloved Saviour, speaking, it’s been a while, and I have been waiting. It’s not in the snow, clouds or even the sunshine, all is forgotten as I cherish this time together with Him. Everyone has a place or should have one, that is reserved for you and God to come together and enjoy your time together. He wants to share so much with us, but in the sharing their has to be trust. Find your dimension, your hidden place, it could be within your heart, or a physical place that you enjoy most and yet have no one to share it with. It should be a person you can trust, and fellowship with. Only Jesus Christ, I believe, can fill that void, that we all need to be filled, and find real joy and contentment. As He said to me He is saying to you, ” I’m waiting, what took you so long”. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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