The Arena of Prayer

The arena, since the days of the roman empire was created, was for the pleasure of those in power. The spectators relished in all the blood sports. It was either gladiators competing against each other, or lions  pitted against humans. The roar of the crowds was deafening and could be heard for miles. Everything in the physical world is a hundred and eighty degrees opposite of the spiritual world. The arena of prayer is a quiet place, and it doesn’t take place before the crowds. This arena where we go is before the throne of God. To enter into His throne room praise and worship is required. It gives us entrance and it gets the attention of our heavenly father who enjoys it as we carry our praise and worship right up to Him and lay it all down before Him. It is only the beginning of our time with Him, and He knows when His children come to Him that we are going to ask Him to do something for us that we cannot do ourselves.Yes, that’s right. Things we can do for ourselves, He expects us to do and do it all with joy. When we have to leave His throne, we leave giving thanks for what He is going to do. Believing, trusting, and expecting by faith are the key components. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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