Walking To A Different Drum

SITTING IN MY CHAIR, LOOKING OUT AT THE COLD SNOW THAT NEVER SEEMS TO DISAPPEAR,MY MIND GOES BACK TO MY TEEN YEARS. I’m thinking about my dad, how salvation made a big change in his life. He was really changed, and lived to preach the word of God. Even though dad preached to many countless people over the years, never once try to sway me. Dad was happy that I was in church and seeking after Christ. One pastor, after we told him we were leaving the church, told my wife, Gene will never be satisfied wherever he goes. He was right in that regard, I’ll never be satisfied, and hopefully never conform to a form of religion. I will seek only Christ, and only Christ alone, and in Him alone will I have the satisfaction I seek. Let’s all become seekers after Christ ant try not to conform a person into our image, but rather pray that they will find their place and their calling in Christ. Seek and you shall find. Be Blessed and remain a Blessing.

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