Silence and Trust

Looking back,I have always enjoyed every trek into the woods. My past brought into my life many good people and a few good friends. I was sitting here thinking about an old friend and the few times we spent together in the woods. This day we were out in the woods and it was early afternoon and the shadows were just beginning to get a little long among the trees.  As I always did in my younger days, I was moving across the forest floor without hardly any sound from my feet because I placed them down very lightly. Not hearing anything, I turned to check on my buddy, Vic, and as usual he was close behind. I liked walking with Vic more than anyone because he was just as quiet as I and maybe even more so, though he wouldn’t admit it. We never carried weapons on these little jaunts, we just liked doing this to see what we could sneak upon. We never had to say anything, we knew each others abilities, and that formed a special bond of trust between us. Years have past and I’ve not spoken or heard from Vic in many years and I hope all is well in his life. Today in my life I’m working to form a special bond with the Holy Spirit. He is the one doing the leading now, and no matter how hard I try He is one person I cannot track, so I’ve just decided the best thing I can do is learn to trust my new friend. Be Blessed and Remain A Blessing.Image

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