Just Do It

In my teen years, I enjoyed playing sports, sports, and more sports. From sunrise to sunset, I was up and ready for a game, baseball, basketball, or tennis. I was having a ball, no pun intended. Each sport being different in setup, rules, and strategy, I had to adapt to each scenario, but getting ready mentally for each sport was a part of the fun of it. Life has changed and I am in a new arena of life, with new challenges, and I have to be ready at all times. My friend, the Holy Spirit, is training me to listen to His voice, and to be prepared for different situations as He and I walk together. He being the senior partner, always has the final say so. I don’t mind at all because I know everything the Holy Spirit does is going to give praise to Jesus Christ my saviour. We can all be used if we will yield to His leadership. He has all the tools, and they are all powerful gifts, but the greatest one of all is love. ICor. 9:22 says to be all things to all men. So when we meet someone and they need comfort, comfort them; if prayer, pray with them. Whatever it is, allow the Holy Spirit to lead. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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