Small Things

Life is good, and I enjoy everything about it. I like observing people, maybe it’s because I’ve enjoyed sketching them, and I am trying to pay attention to the detail in their faces. There is a lot of stories, even history etched in face of a person, and of course the eyes, now they reveal volumes about the person. Now people are particular about who, and why someone is observing them, that is why I like the natural part of God’s creation. So once in a while I take a sabbatical from stalking through the woods, to watching the butterflies, or even the small honey bees, each of these have their own unique world that they move in. Of course one of the most interesting is, what some would say is unimportant is the lowly tiny ant. The ant is about the hardest working creatures on earth and are very strong little things. Try spending, say, an hour laying down and observing their world, which is filled work and also dangers.  I think a person could learn to be a better tracker watching and trying to follow the little ant. Our world is completely opposite of theirs, with our sophisticated toys and all our schools of higher learning, which is good, don’t take it the wrong way. Only with all the tools to make our lives easier, it saddens me that we take so much pride in what we have, and what we can do. Pride can be our down fall, so we need to be careful how we allow this attitude to work in our hearts. It might just be a good idea to slow down, and take a little time to get down on our knees and see the smaller world around us, and let it have a chance to bring life back in focus again. While down there on your knees, please take a moment and remember in a short prayer, I sure need all of God’s help I can get. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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