In The Beginning or Once Upon A Time chapter 3

Many years have past since childhood. The memories are fleeting. Unless God gives me a certain word, He somehow brings everything back with great clarity. I was hoping for such an event, but at this time He hasn’t given me one. All I have is that He told me to begin writing. Time is moving quickly and the visions of childhood are stirring so fast. I will give you these events honestly as best as I can. I see myself as a little boy, chasing the chickens around the yard. Stopping to go over and give my hound dog a much needed hug. He had a big round brown colored patch of hair over one eye. His name is Bozo because he looked like a clown. Dad is at work and mom is hanging out clothes on the line to dry, and my sister and brothers are off playing somewhere. Right about now I am wanting to go find some coke bottles. I do this to to get money for the bottles, so I can buy myself an ice cream sandwich. Remember the ice cream sandwich? They still make them only they cost a lot more now. I have no idea where this story is going. I do know that whoever is reading this is going to receive something of value for the well-being of their spirit. This is by faith I say this, only because the Holy Spirit has told to go write. When we obey the Holy Spirit He has a reason for it, and somewhere a person, who is receiving this with an open heart, is getting exactly what they are needing. Take heart my friend. God knows right where you are and you have not been forgotten. Receive by faith and give God your highest praise. Be Blessed and Remain a blessing. I close this with great love for you all, and prayer is covering all of you at this moment.

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