Hallelujah! Winter is gone, Spring is here, and I am back in the forest, breathing in clear, sweet, and clean celestial air. Hallelujah! For ears to hear the sounds of birds singing the song of freedom. Hallelujah! For eyes once again to soak in the beauty that God has placed all around us. To see birds flitting about and dancing in the air, performing their mating rituals, hoping to find the perfect mate. All this in the first rays of sun that reach down and kiss mother earth, caressing all living things with the rays of warm love. Now that I’m back in my car heading home, my thoughts and prayers reach out to a family. A father, husband, and papa passed away quietly two days ago and the funeral was today. He served his country in war time and made many parachute jumps during that time, but God brought him home safely. There will be no more parachute jumps, but they won’t be needed, because he already has flown home to heaven on the wings of angels. God has a reservation for each person to meet Him when their time is to leave this earth. I hope and pray all are ready to meet Him. There is still a little time left, so we must prepare ourselves for that glorious day. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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