Saturday Nights

As a family, our game night fun was making up games to play, or just listening to the radio. We would just lounge around in chairs or lie on the floor and listen to “The Shadow Knows” or   ” The Lone Ranger.” There were others we enjoyed also. It was an era when radio was king, but like all things, there is always something lurking on the horizon. Then it happened. The first television came out. It was black and white until you put a little thin plastic sheet over the screen. The sheet had three different colors, blue at the top for the sky, green at the bottom for grass, and the middle was transparent. A few people had TV’s but dad would not allow television in our house. Well, it just so happened that our next door neighbor had just purchased a new TV. So Saturday night now had a new twist to it. We all would all march next door just about every Saturday night to watch boxing on the television, because the two dads were in control,, and they loved their boxing. Well it took me many years to grow up and I now have my own family and and ,a big nice television; but alas, you can’t hardly find a boxing match on TV anymore unless you have a special sports channel. It’s been fun remembering and writing about the good old days. I have enjoyed doing it, and I hope you have liked reading about Saturday nights. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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