Are We Too Cool

My latest walk in the forest, cameras at the ready, I was looking for the beautiful wild flowers that grow there. The air was cool and the sun had yet to make a strong appearance, but I still anticipated seeing what had begun to grow. There is one secluded small hollow which always has a little water run off and keeps the forest floor damp. In the warm spring weather it is a great place for the bluebells and celandine to flourish. It was an easy walk down the hillside and as I reached the valley floor, the plants were up and looking good. The bluebells were in their glory, but the celandine were all drooping and kind of closed up. Slightly disappointed, I climbed up and returned to the main path through the woods. Birds were very active and their songs of praise to their creator echoed all through the forest. A wonderful day with blue skies and the trees showing their first green leaves of the season. There were even a few butterflies flitting about. I was still looking for a barred owl that inhabits that part of the forest, but he never showed. Oh well, perhaps another day. Circling back the way I had come in, crossing this one foot bridge, I looked down toward the valley of flowers. Where I had first come through, the celandine had opened up all bright and were a beautiful yellow, glowing  and growing beside the bluebells. It just made for a great picture. Those yellow flowers are kind of like people. Some are very quiet and sometimes take a while for them to open up. In giving people a little space and showing love and kindness, the warmth of that love, hopefully they will respond and begin to open up. I hope we never get so cool that we lose our warm personality, and the opportunity to befriend someone. Be Blessed and Remain a BlessingCelandine

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