Clay Pigeon or Live Birds

I am in noway a professional at anything or in any field of endeavor. What I am is a man in progress, being molded daily by the hands of God. He has given me certain abilities that I have confidence in, and believe I can use these abilities well. Given that, let’s get down to what I desire to share. I was shooting with a few friends and we were using shotguns, shooting at clay pigeons, which is a  round disc made out of clay. On impact with the pellets from the shotgun, they burst into small fragments. Some have asked how I can shoot so well after several years of not shooting. Many shooters, when they shoot at flying targets, look at the whole target and they tend to jerk their weapon in the general direction and fire away, hitting a disc once in  a while. I believe if you would look at the front top leading edge instead of jerking the arms around to shoot andturn the upper body in one smooth motion with the shotgun against the shoulder in the right position you won’t hit a target once in a while, but you will begin to hit the target most of the time increasing your percentage of good hits. Practice in your spare time, placing the weapon to your shoulder and swinging your upper body at imaginary targets. The whole idea of good shooting, rather it be a bow and arrow, rifle or shotgun, is to become one with the weapon. Let it be an extension of your whole being and become a natural, comfortable part of you. In your spiritual life practice, practice, and practice the presence of God until it becomes a natural part of your lives, to where we begin to become one in Christ. Looking upward to the prize or target of the high calling that God has for us all. Let’s meet Him there. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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