My Friend

I’m sitting here in my chair, thinking about my friend, the Holy Spirit. Do you ever think about the Holy Spirit? You don’t? Really, everyone should take time to think about, and even better, talk to the Holy Spirit. Why? He is the faithful witness of Jesus Christ. So without Him there is no true witnessing. Have you ever thanked the Holy Spirit for the things He has given you? What things? Well, He has given you power and anointing, and the faith of a mustard seed. With these three things, in the name of Jesus, you can defeat everything the Devil throws at you. Hey! What about the gifts of the Holy Spirit? He’s given a gift to everyone and to some even more. What are they? How many? A gift, like any other gift, is for you to use, and there are nine of them. Look them up in First Cor. 12. They can only be used with the help of the Holy Spirit, and this is one of the reasons He is so important. Ask, look, and find which gift is for you to operate in. Romans 11:29 says the gifts and callings are without repentance. What is a calling? You have a calling on your life to walk, talk, and live in and use for Jesus Christ to receive glory. All the things I have written herein are for you to read and to be equipped within your spirit. Read the word of God and go use them, for Him to receive all praise and glory. Start your book of acts today in your life. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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