Pray and Let Go

As a child growing up I never thought about what we feared, except one thing did stand out. Can you remember trying to ask your mom or dad for something and being afraid of what the answer may be. Yeah! That’s pretty tough to go through, especially when the answer you want is a yes, but afraid of getting the big NO. Well here we are as adult grownups, and still have the same problem, except it’s not our parents. It’s God we are asking. When we stood before mom or dad, they always knew you wanted something just by the way we stood around them, or the the way would stand and look sheepish. They would always say something like, “I know you want something, so just say what it is.” The longer you held out from asking, they would just keep prying at you. Finally you would spill it out, and they would say, is that it? Sure it’s o.k. Go ahead. Now there are times you would hear them say no, but you learned to except that especially when they took time to explain why. As adults we pretty much approach God the same way, even after we read “you have not because you ask not.” There are times we ask amiss and we know it because it’s usually a want and not a need. There are times we pray and then go ahead and try to work it out ourselves. The bottom line is we trust more in our abilities than we trust God. While all the time God waits for us to turn loose so He can take the prayer and do things with it far beyond what we could ever conceive or imagine. Let’s take our hands off the prayers and just stand on His promises. Be Blessed and give a Blessing.

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