Pray Shhhhhhh! LISTEN

There’s been times when some of us have sought help or advice from a friend. When we try to explain what we need we keep talking, trying to clarify exactly what we need. Usually our friend will have to hold up his hand and will tell you, “I understand what you are saying and just let me speak.” That’s about the way most of us treat God. We will keep right on praying and praying, and still pray some more until we are satisfied we got our request across. Now if I spoke to my earthly daddy like that, it would be in my thinking, bad manners on my part. If I would say something to dad, I believe I would stop talking and give him a chance to speak because he had a whole lot more wisdom than I. In a conversation with God it would be good to stop and listen to what He has to say. How does He speak to us? Well, everyone is different and He will speak to you in a way only meant for you. Here are a few of the ways He may speak to me. Only a few times has He spoken in an audible voice, which is loud enough in my head that it sounds like it’s spoken by someone right beside me, but there is no one around. Other times it’s like a prick to the heart, that makes you want to say, oh! I feel that. It can be chills going up and down my arms, or at times like a warm flush, and you feel the heat of it. The great majority of the time it almost always is like He has so softly breathed across my heart. This last one I believe is the way He speaks to the majority of Christians. The problem is most discarded¬† as just an impression and just forgotten about it. Ladies, remember how you felt when you just wanted to bake a cake for someone, and when you gave it to them it was just what they needed? Learn to trust that, and always be sure it lines up with the word of God. Remember, shhh! and listen. An assignment from heaven may be coming to you. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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