The Beauty Of Hawks

email redMy wanderings these last few weeks have taken me from the inner forest to watching on the fringes of the forest. I recently found a nest containing a family of Red Tail hawks. Observing these magnificent creatures has been a wonderful experience. Keeping my distance from them, I have photographed them as best I can every day through the leafy foliage. The babies were just little fuzzy white balls of life the first time I saw them. Now after seven or eight weeks, these babies have grown large and are now standing on the edge of their nest, flapping and exercising their wings for flight that is soon to come. I am amazed how fast their growth is with a steady diet of meat, which is basically all protein. I wonder how fast we would mature as Christians if we read and lived on a diet of the word of God. I know of only one man who only read the word, not even allowing a newspaper in his home. That man of course, was Smith Wigglesworth, who was known worldwide for having a great healing ministry. We may never do the things he did, but I believe our lives would be changed dramatically if we followed his example. I’m still thinking about the hawks and how they practiced flapping their wings in anticipation of flying off into a world to live, in a world they have never seen before. Are we still sitting in church flapping our wings, afraid to fly out on the wings of faith, hesitating to move for God in the arena of life He has for us. God is waiting for us to move and participate with Him in the gifts and talents He has given us. If we never try our wings, we will never know how high we can fly with God. Leap, fly, and be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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