As Time Goes By

As I watched two of my grandsons play today, it caused me to look back at a time when I was a little boy. I remember  my little league tryout when I was about eleven years old. I had grown very fast to about six feet tall, was skinny, clumsy, and could not stop a ball even if I had a bushel basket. My tryout was terrible, and still today is a bad memory. I did get to be on a team, only because my younger brother was a pretty good player. In those days, if one brother made a team, that team automatically had to take the other brother. As you can guess, I didn’t get to play very much, but it didn’t bother me too much. I was just glad to be on a team. Life was good for a boy back then because there was always a lot of things to do, and that included a lot of running and throwing in the games we played. After the baseball season was over we continued playing ball. As I said, life was and still is good for little boys. Summer’s gone and winter was almost finished, and I was once again looking to play baseball in the summer coming up. I never realized how much my body and abilities to play the game had changed. I now was moving up to the pony league, which was for boys between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Trying out for a team now was not too bad. Being surprised at tryouts, I found I was faster at running. I was more agile and could throw a lot harder. Coming home after one game in which I was the starting pitcher, my mother had been sitting in the stands with other parents sitting around. The other parents were complaining to each other about my size and that I threw too hard and should not be allowed to play with their kids. Life is really strange, because in the little league, when I was so clumsy they were laughing at me. Now in the pony league they were complaining that I was too good, and for the record, I was no better than the rest of the boys. There were some very good players in that league, and I enjoyed many years of playing against them, and even played at times on the same team. What I want people to take away from this story is that when anyone of us gets off on the wrong foot, young or old, keep moving. Keep playing or working. Whatever the task is let patience have her perfect work in you and leave the results to God. He alone knows our past, present and our future. Just keep giving Him your best and and everything will work out in time. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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