Where is He going?

Several times following a deer through the forest, I ask myself, where is he going? He would be going straight and  suddenly turn left and jump a little creek bed, then make a quarter turn and start climbing a small embankment, cutting across the side of the hill and through a small thicket. Crossing a ridge, he slowed down to search for acorns or some other tidbit. As he would move from place to place, I finally decided to give up following that deer, and knew I would never guess where he was going. Following the leading’s of the Holy Spirit is kinda like trying to know where, or to whom, the Spirit is taking me. Following deer, it is easy to quit anytime you want, but there is no way I’ll stop following the Holy Spirit because it’s far more rewarding. Search after the Holy Spirit and whatever path He takes you on, He will make sure you get to that destination. Oh! You have the option to not follow, but you will always wonder, what if. Erase that last option, follow the Spirit, and have a good day. Remain Blessed and Be a Blessing.deer

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