There’s Something About A Mountain

Even as a little boy I loved to look at the hill behind my home. It was only a stone’s throw away, so anytime I wanted to I could play all over the front part of it. Since then I’ve grown, and the hills  I have traveled to have become small mountains. Over the years I have gained an interest in other activities, but I still have a fond place in my heart for the mountains. Traveling the highways and byways, I glance toward the mountains and always wonder what is on the other side and long to see what is hidden in the deep valleys surrounding it. Climbing a mountain is breath taking, but reaching the top is worth it. To look out over the beautiful scenes that flood my eyes is worth every step to reach the heights. Many times I hear the voice of my Lord whispering in my ear, “Come up with me.” I long to follow Him upward knowing each plateau brings new changes. Some are fairly easy to adapt to, but others (which are the best for me) are also the most painful. Is it worth it? Yes, and I’ve never regretted any step I’ve taken with the Lord. Come walk with me! The journey is well worth it. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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2 Responses to There’s Something About A Mountain

  1. GloriB says:

    GREAT one, enjoying your blogs… 

  2. GloriB says:

    We really love this ministry and know they are always among the FIRST responders to be on the ground helping in whatever crisis is happening in this country, as well as world-wide. GOD BLESS BILLY GRAHAM, his life is still reaching out to those in spiritual need!! Great place to put extra funds, which God will multiply beyond our wildest dreams!

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