A Hunt Gone Bad

turkeySetting at the small table, Mike and I were making our plans for the next day’s turkey hunt. We finally decided to try to climb the steep mountain behind our camp. Mike’s dad, who had been lounging on one of the beds, told us no one hardly ever tried to climb that part of the mountain. With our plans ready, we were going to bed early to get some rest. Rising up about four o’clock, we ate a quick cold breakfast and had our gear ready and were set to climb at least part way up the mountain to be on our stand before daylight. Our camp was located on North Deer Creek in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. This place was noted for it’s great deer hunting and was not as well known for turkey. With that in mind we were still hoping for a successful hunt. Crossing the creek behind the camp we started climbing, but soon realized that this section we were attempting to climb was made up of loose shale rock. For every five steps upward, we slid back four steps. We kept moving to our right with a hope of finding solid ground, but by the time we did find a small section of it we knew there was no way we would be in position to hunt before daylight. No hunt, no turkeys, we were a little disappointed but the getting there and sleeping in a camp and making our grand plans of success was still a lot of fun. Knowing there would be a next time, we just knew that we would still get us a turkey. Being young, hope springs eternal with dreams full of conquest. Friendships are sealed sometimes in defeat and sometimes in victory. Knowing our friendship would take us to the next challenge, not getting a turkey was a small thing. Go see your friend, and make sure what you do helps keeps that friendship vibrant.

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