This Day’s Encounter

We just returned from an afternoon trip to Hawks Nest in beautiful WV. From home it takes little over an hour to make it to this beautiful overlook. Just the drive was worth it all. We meandered along a two lane, curvy road that took us deeper into the mountains which began to encircle us as we made our way toward our destination. The mountains were beautifully clothed in magnificent colors. As we drove on a straight portion of road, it felt like this one mountain was opening it’s arms, saying welcome home my son, you’ve been away too long. I felt as if my heart was swelling inside of me, and my eyes began to have tears of sheer joy. The only other time I have this reaction is when I hear the voice of my God as I step into His presence in the closet of prayer. Oh! What a Savior. What in this world grabs your heart? Does it give you joy or peace? I sure hope so, because I believe it can only be found in one person, and that is in Jesus Christ. This is the time of year to go outside and see the wonderful beauty that God has made for each of you. Lift up your heads and just say thanks, Lord, for giving me this day. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.hawks nest overlook

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