Journey To The Destination

Many of us every year plan a place to go to. It may be the beach, Grand Canyon or even a foreign country. The planning stage always comes before the journey stage. Working to raise the money, looking at maps to see what roads or flights to take, and checking on hotels, motels, or country inns. There are so many small incidentals to consider. All the while we are gathering an array of information, knowledge and getting wisdom to make our journey a success. Physically and mentally it is very tiring but when you see that destination in sight, ah, we can all say it was worth the effort. Let’s go back to the very beginning where we took our first baby steps, then our first step into junior high and then high school. Then, oh my! Considering college and asking God what field you should go into to be a success in life. Setting a course to your destination is one thing, but if you don’t learn life’s lessons along the way, you will have missed the things God intended for you to learn. Remembering all the things you learned along the way will make the  end of your journey and arriving at your destination that much sweeter. Heaven is for real. Point your moral compass toward heaven  and that ride will be the sweetest of them all. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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