Yesterday Is Still Brandnew

Last week I drove down to the Christian School to pick up my grand-daughter to bring home. Waiting in the hall way, a teacher walk up to me and wanted to talk with me for a few minutes, and I said o.k. She ask me if I remember coming to her home, “I was a mailman at the time.” She went on to say this was about twenty years ago, and at the time she, her husband, and family, were going through a hard time, and I had prayed with her. After all these years, someone told her my name and she was finally able to put face and name together. It was a grand reunion, and I was happy that God had worked in their behalf, and things were good now. I rejoice that after many years, a person would come and testify to what God was doing in their family. The things that God does, either past or present, never grow old, for all things in Christ Jesus are always brand new. If you missed the chance to praise Him before, go ahead and do it now, because it is never to late to give Him praise for what He has does. To Jesus be all the glory for things done yesterday, today and for tomorrows. Be Blessed and Remain A Blessing.


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