Sweet Music

musicI drew this instrument  a few years ago and felt it would go well with this writing. As you can see it is a beautiful piece of work, with it’s graceful curves and beautiful dark wood. I believe it produce sweet melodies in the hands of it’s owner. As you can see it sits in the corner ready and waiting for the right moment to give forth it’s sweet sound. It is ready and willing, knowing that it’s music will pour forth the sound of peace ,joy, serenity and rest to the person receiving it. Are we able to wait for the Lord to use us , to be His instrument, that through us, He can speak kindness,love,joy,comfort and encouragement into the person who is going to need it. Perhaps we may be the person at sometime that is going to need that word from another, and will we receive it with kindness,knowing that other person is just trying  to help us. Lets all try to be ready to be that instrument that gives a sweet word, that will be music to  a heart that needs it. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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8 Responses to Sweet Music

  1. godselfie says:

    This is so beautiful. A very meaninful post. God bless you! Rene

  2. godselfie says:

    I hope you’ll draw again and post them. I believe God has given you an artistic talent, and His Wisdom too. Your intimacy with God is clearly evident in your postings, and we love to read them. They resonate with us. God bless your family. Renee

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