And Mary Pondered

Luke 2:19 tells of the stable scene where Jesus was born. The king of all created things, coming here to live among us to experience your life and mine as we live it today – to know the trials and hardships we all encounter on a daily basis. Speaking to the angel and hearing all that the shepherds had to say about her child Jesus, Mary pondered on these things in her heart. As Jesus grew, she witnessed his turning water into wine and many other miracles He performed. Can you imagine the agony and the pain that pierced her heart that day on the cross? She was possibly at the front of the crowd on that hill, seeing her first-born son hanging there. Maybe she reached with out-stretched arm, crying out to Him and at the same time remembered all those things she had  kept in her heart over the years.  While she stood there gazing up at her Son, she was remembering all those wonderful moments she had seen and  heard of from many witnesses. This Christmas season, what are you pondering  or remembering in your heart? Whatever it is, a joy or pain, I hope all of you will make room in your hearts as Jesus did in His – to forgive and even ask forgiveness. Remember your families, friends, and all those who have walked through your life. Love them, cherish them, for time is fleeting and today may be the only day you will have to do what is right. Merry Christmas and remember Jesus is the only reason for this season.

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