Last night as I walked through the house, two words spoke to my spirit, and they were “my Lord” and “I”. Simple words but very powerful. I prayed and asked myself  what my Lord wanted me to share. When we have a companion, for example my wife, and we have been out to dinner and I see an old friend coming toward us, I say, “Jan, this is Arthur, an old school friend; Arthur, my wife Jan.” In introducing my wife first I am showing honor to my wife, who after all, is the greatest person in my life. Putting her forward first, she increased in stature and at that moment I decreased as I gave her first place. When I am talking to someone about spiritual things I always try to refer to my Lord as Father, because He is far greater than I, and in all things He must always increase and I must decrease. It really is a paradox because as I decrease, giving honor to my heavenly Father, I increase in Spirit. Whatever the situation demands, I may say this is my Father, the healer, comforter; and He has been called by other titles because He Is the Great I Am. In all things always honor your God and He will honor you. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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