Vision – Seeing The Unseen

Looking out over the mountains that surrounded our valley, there was a damp mist in the air and a light fog hung in place over the high ridges. A deadness lay over the land and even the sounds I heard seemed hollow. The trees stood barren but they still stood tall and proud, knowing that what they once had, will come around again. Even as I looked around me I saw the same bareness and yet in my minds eye I still saw the trees in all their splendor. I could recall the reds, oranges and light browns as they were, once green, now morphing into their fall colors. It gave me hope for change, new beginnings, and a promise of a better tomorrow. The Lord, in my years, has given me two visions to hold onto. In one I saw the altars filled with people kneeling, crying out for their salvation. In the second one, I was standing behind and to one side of Christ and out in front of Him, as far as the eye could see and even beyond, there were millions moving single file up to the Lord and kneeling before Him. These visions have given me a desire and a purpose to continue praying. The things I see in the visions continue to fill me with the hope that I will see these events come to past. A far greater promise than knowing the trees will show their beauty again, is the promise of Jesus Christ coming back again. Do you have a vision? If not, ask God to give you one  and give you a renewed purpose for life. In this life it will help us to be a blessing to others that God wants us to be. Be that Blessing!

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