Purpose and Peace

As I moved quietly down the hill, I went down on my belly and moved my body into a shallow depression I had spotted earlier. Covering my backside with the weeds and field hay, I waited and watched for the enemy to come down the trail. After a few minutes I heard the snapping of small twigs. In a few moments a figure walked past me and silently I stood and cried out, “Pow! Pow! You are dead.” My friend turned saying that’s not fair, you’re not supposed to be in our territory.

Remember back a few years when boys were boys and girls were girls, and for boys, playing war was just one game out of many games boys played. It was one way we learned leadership, companionship, fairness and right from wrong. We had a good idea who we were and what we wanted to be after finishing our schooling.

In today’s society kids seem to be confused about their identity, even among adults the problem exists. Some say, I don’t know who I am, while others say, I’m trying to find myself. Hey, out there! The first step is to ask God for His help. Secondly think about some of the things you are good at and be honest with your self and admit the things you don’t do so well. Knowing these things should help you in taking a step in a new direction.

This is a new year and with God’s help, we can find our  purpose and move in that direction of knowing God and finding our purpose. We are able to have this peace of God, realizing who we are and knowing the right direction. You and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This is the year of change and I believe you can do it! Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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