Looking out the window at another cold wintry day, staring at the mountains, I’m hoping to see  a tinge of green begin to appear on the trees of the mountains as the breath of God flows down over the land bringing new life to that which had appeared dead. I am excited to feel the change in the air and my heart longs once again to walk in and amongst the forest I love so much.

To walk the land with my Lord and to hear His voice once again whisper in my ears the secrets of the forest. I hope I can hear clearly what He desires for me to know so that I can share it with others of like spirit.

Secrets of the forest and mountains are not learned by the noisy and talkative; it’s secrets only come to you in the attitude of silence. Even in the church house one can only learn His truths when we learn to get quiet within ourselves to hear His words

The earth is a living thing always pushing upward and groaning for His coming. The mountains and forests have been still, but are now beginning to stir. A stream makes a tinkling sound as flows over the rocks that make up the water’s bed. The trees make their music as branches brush against one another in the soft winds that blow in and around them. Pieces of dirt on a hillside  can be heard trickling down and maybe a little stone rolling downward. All this needs is one more thing to complete the music of the forest and it is the birds coming forth as they sing the song God has given them. Ah! How beautiful to the ear that can hear and appreciate it. So is the church house. It sits there quietly waiting until all of its people get in place. As the people sing and the preacher preaches, only then is the church at its best, because when everything comes together it has life. Go to your place of worship and sing, and do your part to give it life. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

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