The Tools

Several years ago I bought a Savage 110 to do some hunting with. After firing this rifle it could not make a usable five shot group to hunt with. After taking the rifle apart, scraping the forearm and applying epoxy and letting it dry, I had a free floating barrel and was ready to test fire the rifle again. Upon firing two groups of five shots it still left a lot to desire.

I had a friend who worked at a business that made high-quality rifle barrels. I purchased a new barrel and my friend fitted this new barrel to my Savage action. Driving back to the range I was really hoping for a great improvement. It performed as I hoped it would, a five-shot group in one small hole. Let me clarify a little about this company called Savage Arms. Over the years this company has greatly improved the quality of their rifles to where they are highly competitive with other gun makers.

I would never have gotten this rifle to a high standard without the right tools.

Everyone of us have been given special tools to succeed and be victorious in this life, and most of all these tools were given to us especially to bring God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit glory. These three main tools will only work as intended if we will yield and obey the leadings of the Holy Spirit.These three are Faith, Power and the Anointing, and each person has been given a measure of each tool. The problem in the church world for many years has been the fear or timidity to use what God has given each of us.

We sing Onward Christian Solders! We can only march forward when our hands and hearts are full of these mighty gifts. God has given us the victory, so let us go and possess what God has already given us. Be Strong, Be Vigilant, and Be Blessed.


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  1. Rob Keister says:

    I like it. RK

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