Pain Comes To Visit

I’m sorry and I apologize for not writing to you my friends. I’ve had an interruption in my life again. It wasn’t invited and it came unexpectedly and I was not ready for it. Pain has come again and yes, it will visit everyone. What will we do when it comes? Will we complain or will it leads us to gratitude?

Agonizing pain hit me in my left hip and leg while working. It hurt so much that it was hard to walk. I couldn’t reach my feet to put my socks on, but thanks be to God for a sweet, helpful wife. She did things for me I could not do for myself. I found out I had developed arthritis in my hip and knee. I received help for the hip and once again am able to walk without pain. Now, if If I can get my knee fixed up, I can really begin to walk my mountains again.

Have I learned anything from this? The answer is a big “yes.” Every step I take I give praise for it. Every sip of water is sweeter, and I thank Him for it. In all things give God the praise. Now I know pain in one form or another will visit everyone. How will we handle it? Will it make us bitter or make us better? The choice is ours to make. I hope we all make the right one so we can continue to Be a Blessing. Thanks.

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3 Responses to Pain Comes To Visit

  1. godselfie says:

    Peace be with you Eugene! May the Lord grant you complete healing soon. It is true that God often uses trials to teach us lessons which we will not learn during good times, especially so in the area of humility and love. With our love and prayers from Ben and Renee

  2. Rob Keister says:

    Got it! PTL!

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